Hey guys, I came across this on the internet today and I've been wondering... When should sex come in, in a relationship?

A lot of people feel that sex is underrated in relationships and should be hit right off
from the start.
However, some other persons feel that sex shouldn't be in a relationship before marriage.

Mind you, I do not want to bring religion in on this. I just want us to look at this from the societal perspective.
I believe that sex builds connection in a relationship and also strengthens it.
Moreover, it also has some medical benefits. 
Although, I can say that sex does not guarantee a long lasting relationship. In some cases, it has crashed more relationships and it is never a yardstick for love.
But I seriously think that years is a lot of time to make a person wait and for him to stick around for that much definitely means that he really loved her.

So now, when you find that person who makes you stutter and you both decide to go into a relationship outa-the friend zone, do you hit the sheets right away?
Or you give a time frame?
Or NO sex at all?
I've got nothing on partners who rush into sex neither do I hold a brick on those who delay.
Rushing into bed has killed a hell lot of relationships and delay to have sex has killed relationships too.

So, when do you think is the right time to bring sex in?
What should be the balance?
How important is sex in a relationship?
Can you stand a relationship that screams NO SEX?


McGreat said...

Wow Cool, Thank God you shared....

Lydia Amadi Chinyere said...

Thank you

Fabulous CK said...

That should really base on what the both party agreed on....

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