Jun 26, 2017



I recall about !5 years ago when a bike ran me over. I was a few distance away from our compound playing with other kids from my nursery school when the accident happened. When news got to my mum, she ran all the way from the house, scooped me up into her arms and
ran straight to the Hospital, which is quite a distance from our home.

That was just mum being just mum. She never had to wear a cape, or mask. Throw webs or climb walls. Or fly over the sky like Kara Zo-El. Yet she was and still is my Wonder Woman. An amazing superhero.

When father left us for my step-mother, I didn't feel the loss, seriously, I doubt if any of my siblings did. Mostly because he was never really around. He was in one state, city or the other. So we never missed him but I knew my mum did miss him.
But she never allowed it to stop her from doing her best for her children.
I don't miss my father, I love him, of course, but I don't miss him because mum was always there.
She was both mother, father, she was everything.

Unlike some mothers who have white-collar jobs, my mum was a farmer, she still is though. The woman enjoys farming like no one I've ever known. With the proceeds from her farms, she paid our school fees, fed us, gave us everything a normal child could have.
She was there when we woke up and when we went to bed. 

Although the society continues to look on single mothers with scorn and disgust, they have been and still will be the biggest overcomers of parenting and child care.

Growing up with my single mother, these are my 6 reasons why single mums are superheroes.


You know that thing Vampires and Werewolves do when they are hurt or injured: they heal themselves.
My memories from the time my father left are not really sharp but I never saw my mum depressed. Sad? yeah. I have seen her sad but depressed and mourning my dads' departure? No, mother never did that.
She always put on a happy face, maybe she was not happy inside but she never let it show. 

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You find single mothers doing three things at a time. She is in the kitchen, a second later she's helping Her kid wash his body, then she's helping the girl with homework. She does all this with efficiency and speed.
She is an expert at switching roles, from doctor to chef, to a gardener, to plumber and bookkeeper. She strives to create a home where her kids can thrive in and stops at nothing to achieve that. Most times, she does these all in one day.


Whatever the amount is, she goes all the way to get it if you need it. She takes loans, she borrows, even from friends. There's no limit she doesn't get to provide for her family. One time, my mother had to sell some of her dresses to pay my brother's tuition fee. Things were bad, yeah, but she wasn't going let him drop out of college. She is the family's central bank, every kid runs to her for money and even some relatives and she goes out of her way to make ends meet.


You may have all the money in the World but if you don't know how to manage it, you will lose everything.
When it boils down to managing the family's finance, budgeting and planning, single mums do all these with precision and efficiency.

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I think single mums raise United kids. They know how to build bonds between their kids.
Although they work up to 3-6 jobs a week, they always have time for the children. To read them bedtime stories, plant flowers in the yard, do homework, etc. They are never too busy for the children. A single mother's home has everyone relying on each other to keep the family moving like a football team and then end up being tied to each other

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Single mums inspire us, they inspire me. The zeal and determination they face challenges with is something to emulate. You tell them " they can't do this," "they say watch me." They are not ones to back down.
They are selfless beings, always putting the interest of their children first and always.
And also, they pick up their weakness and turn it to strength in a flash.

It's not easy being a superhero, but single mums have proven to be better than the Justice League, I know my mother is because I have a Wonder Woman for a mother.
How about you, what do you think of single mothers?
How has your mum influenced your life positively?
Use the comment box to let me know what you think and please do share until the whole World sees.