Jun 30, 2017



Hey, another award? Yeah right!
My blog was nominated for the Blue Sky Tag Challenge by Harini Jayaraman, a fellow blogger at Miss Talking Feet.
Yeah, that's what she calls it and she definitely has a lot of stuff and talking over there,
but guess what? Her feet obviously do the talking. Don't ask me, please. I don't know how. You should hop over there and find out yourself. Then you can thank me later because you'd find out how amazing and wonderful she is. But don't leave me..please .lol.
Well, thanks a bunch Harini for nominating me as one of your 11 favourite bloggers. I really appreciate it, thanks.
Well, now guys. I am supposed to nominate my 11 favourite bloggers as part of this nomination for the challenge. And since I'd have to answer a few questions also...
This is how I start...

The Q/A:

1. What Is Your Biggest Regret In Life Till Date?
My biggest regret? My sister died in 2005 and throughout the time she was in the hospital, I didn't go to see her. I didn't see her while she was in the hospital, I didn't get to see her before she died. I wanted to, really. They just wouldn't let me go. I was a kid then but the hurt has never left me. That is my biggest regret, not getting to see her before she died.

2. Which Existing Movie Do You Feel Is The Best Representation Of Your Life So Far?
I can't say for sure, there are lot's of movies I can relate to, but maybe " Joyful Noise"
3.What Is It About People That Puts You Off the Most?
Lies, I hate that. Really I can't stand dishonest people. We can be friends for a long time but the moment I find out that you've lied to me, I never trust you again. Then I begin to pick myself away bit by bit.
4.What's YourBiggestt Addiction?
My biggest addiction has to be social media. 24 hours of my every day is literally divided into Social Media, Music and Writing, where Social media is a constant factor.
I can stay on Facebook for the whole of the day while switching between my blog and Twitter. It really got me bad.

5. Which Famous Person Do You Think Is The Biggest Inspiration Till Date?
Well, I think this actually differs from person to person. For me, it's definitely Ben Carson. His story has inspired a lot many black kids and even whites too.
6.If A Genie Appeared In Front Of You And Told You That You Would Be Granted A Superpower, Which One Would You Chose?
Well, that would definitely mess with my mind. I'd want to be White Canary's "Sarah Lance", X-Men's "Shadow Cat, Mystique, Or Storm". Legends of The Seekers' "Confessor" and even "Phoebe Thunderman.."
Well, maybe I'd just be a sorceress.

7.Which International Destination IsNumber One On Your Travel Bucket List At The Moment?
I like food a lot and because of that, my number one destination on my bucket list is India.
Every time, my family and I sit to watch ZeeWorld, I just tell them, " I will go to India someday, just for the food".

8.One Day You Suddenly Learn That You Have Only 24 Hours To Live, How Would You Spend It?
This is sad but I'd go home to mother and tell her how much I love her and how much I regret not always being around. Well, I'd just spend the whole day with her.
9.What Do You Consider Your Biggest Achievement So Far?
My biggest achievement has to be learning to code a website. Yeah, that is my biggest achievement.

10.What Is It That You Are Determined To Do Without Fail Before Your Life Comes To An End?
I plan to do a lot of things but I'd hate myself if I don't own a soccer team before I die.
Yeah, that's it.

11.What I sThe Most Valuable Lesson You Feel Life Has Taught You?
Well, life has taught me that destiny is a creation of the mind, that we become what our minds envision. It's taught me that we create our own fate, with our own hands and that I can create my own greatness.

Well, well, well, we come to the end of that section which I kinda enjoyed, yeah, kinda.
Well just so you know.
I have achieved three milestones now:
1.Blogger Recognition Award (Blogger Award)
2.Blue Sky Tag Challenge (Blogger Award)
3.First Blogger Q/A Section

So these are the rules for my nominees:

1.Start by thanking the person who nominated you (me, yeah right) and add a link to their blog
2.Answer the 11 questions I give you at the end f this post.
3.Nominate 11 other bloggers whose blog you think is amazing.
4.Give them 11 questions of your choice.

Finally, finally, here are my nominees and sorry this is not in order of importance, you blogs are all amazing.

Here are 11 questions for you guys:
What inspired you to start a blog?
2. If You were to write a book about yourself, what would be the title?
3. What is your biggest achievement in life?
4. How do you want to improve yourself next year?
5. What is your biggest fear?
6.What do you do with your spare time?
7. In blogging, what is your ideal working environment?
8. If you were given a million dollars today, what would be the first thing you'd buy?
9. What is the best compliment you've ever received?
10. Who has influenced you the most in blogging and how?
11. Finally, If you were to be a famous singer, who would you be?

Well, we've come to the end of the show. Leave your answers and links in the comment section once you're done answering them.
Can't wait to read them!
Seeya all soon.