Jul 30, 2017


Hello guys, happy Sunday. Today, following our previous topic 6 Effective And Awesome Ways To Reduce Stress At Work, Here are some reasons that really do make sense on why you should do physical exercise regularly.


Did you know that doing physical exercise helps reduce the stress and anxiety that occurs throughout the day?

When performing a physical activity, your body releases endorphins that act as a natural relaxing for your nervous system; hence, after exercise, you have a pleasant feeling of peace and well-being.

Do you need more reasons to join the gym? Get in shape and eliminate stress with exercise! In our blog, we tell you how it is possible.

The benefits of exercise in health are multiple. Doing exercise daily helps reduce cholesterol levels, gain endurance, confidence in oneself and relieve daily stress. Moreover going to the gym or practising any type of activity takes care of our body and our mind.

Yoga or Pilates are disciplines that are often related to relaxation and a state of calm, but the moderate practice of certain routines also serves to decrease anxiety. Therefore, here are seven factors that physical exercise reduces stress.

Here Are Awesome Reasons

Physical exercise increases endorphins

By exercising your body releases endorphins, also known as hormones of happiness, contributing to your system a general feeling of well-being. This will decrease your nervous tension and negativity will disappear.

Reduces the level of cortisol

Cortisol is a hormone that is released when your body is under stress. Exercise will help you to absorb it and decrease the symptoms of stress.

Offers a way out of frustration

Unmanaged stress can lead to an accumulation of frustration. If you exercise, your body will learn to release that tension.

Calms the mind

Exercising after a long day of work or an intense day of study will help you to free your mind and focus your thoughts on different topics than those that have occupied the rest of previous hours. A change of scenery and activity is what your body needs to feel better.

Fights depression

Physical exercise improves strength, appearance, and endurance. Therefore, practising fitness exercises increases self-esteem and self-confidence, helping to combat depression.Click Here!

Helps you lift your mood

All kinds of physical activity can reduce feelings of fear, worry and anger.

Decreases anxiety levels

Thanks to exercise the body can produce chemical processes where norepinephrine, the stress hormone, is reduced, thus reducing anxiety.

So now, you know! Practice exercise, join the gym and eliminate physical inactivity as a way of life. You will feel much better and you will improve your fitness and mental health. Be fit, be On!