Jul 17, 2017



Some time ago, a friend of mine made a post on Facebook accusing women of being hypocritical.
According to him, women pull out the victim card when a relationship is ended by
the man but expect the man to understand when they end it. 
The question he is asking is this: Why do women do this?
Why expect a man to move after you break up with him but when he is the one who does the breaking off, you go out creating a scene and wishing him evil instead of moving on?

Heartbreak is terrible we know that. Whether you are the one calling it off or at the receiving end. It is still devastating.
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I'm going to try to answer the question. You might not like my opinion, so feel free to let me know yours.
Our society has built the impression that when a relationship ends, the woman must have done something wrong.
It is always her fault, it has to be. If she ends it, she's a whore and a gold-digger, if he ends it, then she is either not good enough or still a whore.
Also, if the society doesn't perceive her as bad, they expect her to feel bad that a man left her.
Oh, the poor girl must be devastated,!
After being used and dumped, the man must be a devil!1
The society creates this pathetic skeletal framework that the woman must fit into.
And she has to if she doesn't the society come for her without mercy.
If a man dumps a girl today and she gets up tomorrow and goes partying with friends, gossip takes centre stage. 
"Yeah, she deserved to be dumped, she feels no shame, not a wife material."
Now one would rather take the sympathy than becoming the topic of gossip industry. So, plays the victim so the society can leave her alone.

now, don't get me wrong, playing the victim is a dumbass thing to do and I cannot endorse that.
Let's assume that yeah, the really used and dumped her...
She ought to get up on her ass and go make him regret letting her go. Go out, become a better person without him. Trust me, people will respect you more for success you got yourself than for the success you got from a man.

\just because a man doesn't want you any longer doesn't mean that the World is over. Yeah, you might have done a lot for him, given a lot too but he still isn't the end.

As women, if we expect the men folk to understand when we decide to move, we should also try to understand when they decide to.
Raising a sympathy party and trying to damage his name only speaks badly of you. The next month he is with another woman but you are alone because you've refused to move on.
And after then what?
Trust me, nobody wants to associate with anyone who plays the victim, especially in relationships. 
I have this friend who makes you feel bad every time something goes wrong. Whether it's your fault or not, you have to be the one to say sorry.
It is a very pathetic attitude and can only push people away from you.
If you expect your faults to be overlooked, then you've got to overlook that of others.

Although the society expects us to fit into its framework, I now of women who refused to and they always come out stronger.
I also know some women who really can't help playing victims all the time these ones are just toxic and should be kept at arm's length. 

Well, thanks for your time, you can add any other reason you think is responsible for the way women act after a failed relationship.
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